VICTOR BERMEJO ENDRIGA, Phd, Founding Chairman  
  He is a man with a mission to be of service to his fellow citizens. He started an enterprice on which is now considered a pioneer in the Industry. His noble endeavor was meet the requirements of their highly esteemed foreign employers and to make sure that every Filipino workers who entrust themselves to his recruitment company will be placed in safe and secure workplaces hence enabling them to provide a good future for the families that they left behind.

For Dr. Endriga, everything should be a win-win situation. His timing was just perfect as he fills the need of the majority --- people who aspires to work abroad. With his swift response to fill in this need, his first big break came when he was able to send contract workers to Japan. However, having a keen sense of vision, he didn't stop there, but instead opted to maximize the situation by sending more workers to other countries as well.

He later opted to infuse a mix of academic disciplines, one the reasons why Star Express stands today as one of the successful pillars in the Overseas Employment Industry and still going strong after 27 years.

Dr. Endriga was noted for being one of the Country's Top Fiscal Experts, who specializes in Fiscal Management. Furthermore, He took up Fiscal Decentralization for local and regional Government at the prestigious Harvard University of International Development and John F. Kennedy School of Government.

Under his expertise, drive, tireless passion and spirit of service the company resulted into a thriving business, a culture of confidence, reliable personnel and the endurance to meet the constant global challenges.

  CARMELA E. HONRADO, President and Major Stockholder  
  Ms. Carmela is one of the key members of the Board of directors. She graduated with a degree in BS Commerce majoring in Management from St. Scholastica's College. As President, she oversees all the major aspects of the business and together with her husband Enrico "Eric" Honrado, they were the very essence behind the success of this company.

She manages the company's resources and revenues with vigilance. Her Mother's kindheartedness and her Father's business acumen are the two traits she have inherited which enables her to lead the company and to overcome any adversities that comes her way.

For Carmela, she believes that opportunities still abound even in crisis. She is steadfast woman who never gives up easily. For possessing this positive attitude, she is what you can consider--- the brick and mortar that keeps the company stay together even during tough times.

  ENRICO A. HONRADO, General Manager  
  He is the charismatic General Manager and Corporate treasurer of the Company. A graduate of the Colegio de San Juan de Letran with a degree of B.S. Commerce majoring in Management and who also took up Masteral Studies in Business Administrations at the same school.
Mr. Honrado plays active role in every sales and marketing aspect of the company. He is the man responsible for Star Expess Placement Inc. for being one of the top international job placement companies in the country today.

His good public relations along with hard work are the characteristics that truly endeared him to his staff, clients and job applicants. He lives and breathes with that firm belief that nothing is impossible and that an obstacle should be treated as a challenge.
He sees to it that every client's need is met and he gets the job done. He is a man armed with vast knowledge and experiences to beat the odds.

  Cake Decorator
POEA Reg. No. 1018935

Must have at least 3 years related experience.
  Food Counter Attendant
POEA Reg. No. 10114750

Must have at least 2 -3 years related experience.
  Nail Technicians
POEA Reg. No.10194697

Must have at least 3 years experience in a saloon.
  Driver with GCC License


Experience is an advantage but NOT REQUIRED.
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